Announcing next Search API D8 Sprint - 13-15th of June in Belgium

Wow, what a couple of intense weeks for the Drupal 8 initiative for porting Search API. There were many improvements made lately and we hope to properly explain them all to you but for now I want to shout out a couple things. First and foremost I want to thank everyone in the community and especially Intracto because because of all of you we were able to reach our intended goal to help the funding of Search API for Drupal 8! We managed to raise 20% more than expected, which means we raised $2400!

As explained in the project, this is intended to organize 2 sprints and to help drunkenmonkey to spend time during business hours on Search API without going bankrupt. This means that 60% of the raised money will go to Thomas (Approximately $1300) and the rest will be used (approx $1000-$900) for organizing 2 Sprints and help other community members to join these events.

The next sprint will be held at the Intracto offices during the 13th till the 15th of June. Intracto has been so kind to not only sponsor the project with money but also offer their location as a sprint location for 3 full days.


Intracto Group nv
Industrielaan 45
B-2250 Olen


13th till the 15th of June (Friday till Sunday)


To be defined. We'll update this as soon as possible!


Eventbrite - Search API D8 Sprint in Belgium @ Intracto Offices


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