Meeting notes June 17, 2014

Thomas Howell, Sam Lerner

  • Prepared spreadsheet with missing processors/tests
  • Work on some, but tests were broken locally (local actions problem)
  • Next week: Contact Nick about AddAggregation/AggregatedField

Thomas Seidl

  • Participated in sprint in Belgium, lots of progress there
  • Next week I'll probably spend solely on catching up with D7 issues again
  • But soon we should be ready to move to search_api again

Meeting Notes 3rd of June

HOTEL Sprint Belgium

Sam Lerner & Thomas Howell

  • Read through the code and compared D7 & D8


  • Time Flies :(


  • Search Item Classes

Meeting notes May 20, 2014


  • Smaller patches to chase core
  • Still working on Solr (almost working)

Nick (absent)

  • GSoC has started. We had a kick-off meeting with Prateek on Monday: he's starting with an analysis phase, evaluating the existing three modules and deciding which would be best to port.


Meeting Notes May 13th, 2014


  • Worked a bit on converting items and search results to class objects
  • Ported search-api-solr to Drupal 8
  • Solarium library
  • Good experience
  • Deleted the document classes
  • Adding server, indexing and deleting documents is working
  • Remove query class etc is yet to be done and the whole views integration needs to be figured out.
  • Travis and testing and solr
  • Solr 4 install in travis?
  • multivalued fields - search api db we store them both multivalued and first of the multivalued.


Meeting notes 6th of May 2014


  • Finished dependency patch for Index/Server config entities. Both now tell Drupal what dependencies they have
  • Making items and fields proper class-objects, still working on it


  • Drupal 6 port of Search API D8 - Finished


  • Discussing Upgrade path. Only Search API D7 to D8 in terms of servers and index? We don’t know yet
  • Reviewing patches


Announcing next Search API D8 Sprint - 13-15th of June in Belgium

Wow, what a couple of intense weeks for the Drupal 8 initiative for porting Search API. There were many improvements made lately and we hope to properly explain them all to you but for now I want to shout out a couple things. First and foremost I want to thank everyone in the community and especially Intracto because because of all of you we were able to reach our intended goal to help the funding of Search API for Drupal 8!

Meeting Notes April 22th, 2014

Attendees / Reports


  • Work on multiple item types per index
  • Fixed various problems on the Fields form
  • Discussion about data type plugins
  • New approach and patch for indexing with other roles
  • A bit of project management, we now have a core-like meta issue for the path to move to the main repository



  • A bit of work on batch processing

Meeting Notes - Tuesday, 15 April


  • amateescu
  • aspilicious
  • drunken monkey
  • freblasty
  • Nick_vh
  • Berdir

What we got done


  • Renamed testing classes
  • Didn’t have time for much else


Search API Meeting Notes - Tuesday April, 8th. 2014


  • amateescu
  • drunkenmonkey
  • Andre_B
  • Artyom
  • Frederic
  • Nick_vh


  • The indexing logic was reviewed and tested, still needs more tests


  • moved all the issues from the google doc to the sandbox issue queue.
  • Worked on the indexing logic


Drupal Dev Days Szeged - Initial Sprint for Search API Drupal 8

Thomas and I already agreed this week in Szeged would be the first of a series of sprints to get Search API to a decent state in Drupal 8. As you can read in the Search API for Drupal 8 sprint entry for the Drupal Dev Days  the goals were the following: “The primary focus will be to get the Search API to a usable state in D8 and then decide on and implement framework improvements”

We discussed and talked about what needed to happen but in true community style, not many words were needed to get the first port started and so it happened that, even before all of this, freblasty started a sandbox and already ported a good chunk of the Drupal 7 code to well factored Drupal 8 code.

There was a sign up sheet for the sprints and to our surprise a LOT of people signed up for the sprint. I’ve masked the last names to protect their privacy, so they can opt-in on the exposure of their full name. Drunkenmonkey also prepared a nice list of meta issues that mark the Drupal 8 state before the sprint.


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